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Our skiboat and the bridge at Newport
from the Army PBR

Home made ski boat on the Saigon River.
I shot this from an army PBR

Main road through camp, from the airstrip.
Clearly shot in September because I had
my new fisheye lens that I picked up in
Hong Kong at the first of the month


Looking west across the airstrip. That's
an O-2 lifting off in the bottom center of
the frame. Notice the trusses in the bottom
right in the flare. They are in the
right side of the next frame.

Looking East-Northeast across the airstrip

The basecamp at Di An


Probably shot this one almost immediately
after the last one. Looking at our jobsite
with the airstrip and camp almost
directly behind me.

Our jobsite that we worked on from Jan. 2
until Oct. 1, 1970. This was probably shot
around the first of May.

Looking Southeast of our jobsite
Di An basecamp is toward upper left
of frame


Dong Nai river

Dong Nai River Bridge Near Long Binh
September 1970

Somewhere near Bien Hoa


Church and Grotto in Thu Duc

The Grotto in Thu Duc

Somewhere on the way to Long Bien


Saigon Street

Nui Chau Thoi - Hill 82 in the distance


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