My 1967 Vacation in Paradise

After building this website, I have been in contact with a number of individuals who were with the 595th or were connected to Di An.  I thought it would be great if I added their pictures to this website.  Below are their names, click on a name and a second window will open with their pictures. I will add aditional names and pictures as I find them.

Denny Morrison  Denny was with the 595th from March 1968 to March 1969. He was in charge of the Switchboard at Di An.
Richard Powers Rich was with the 595th in 1967. Richard worked at the Dagger TOC.
Keith McGraw Keith served with the Navy in the Di An area in 1970.
Arthur 'Artie' C. Bonevich Artie was with C Trp 3/17 Air Cav at Di An in 1969-70

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