My 1967 Vacation in Paradise

October 1967

(click on the pictures for a larger view)

View from the south guard tower
looking back northwest
towards the compound

Another view from the south tower

Looking southeast from the
south guard tower


Looking southwest from the
south guard tower

Another view looking southwest from
the south guard tower

Helicopter crash in the compound



Spec 4 Craft in the guard tower

One of the 'new' Cobra


Another picture of the 'new'
Cobra gunship

Building where the helicopter crashed

Another picture of the building


Spec 4 Craft & PFC Dave Kubik

Our living quarters

Spec 4 Craft's telephone truck



The Di An Kwiki Freeze





Doing a little line work

These 2 dogs loved beer


PFC Kubik giving the dogs a drink


Building a bunker



PFC Kubik playing horseshoes

Some of the local kids


More kids


Bunkers outside the Special Forces
Compound in Thu Duc



Teaching the dog a trick

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